Monday, January 11, 2010

"Not rule of majority. Protection of the minority."

Get to the cause:

OK, this is one of the few political things in my life (sorry, but Health Care Reform is important to me).   I want to engage with others and find a way to our representatives.   If I can't find a way to help them represent me, I want to eliminate them... are you with me on this?  I realize there are many interests and that we live in what we like to call a democracy. 
Abraham Lincoln described Democracy as "Not rule of majority. Protection of the minority."   "I would not be a slave.  SO, I would not own one.  This embodies my idea of Democracy."

Congress Duality:  (they) want to spread mandatory health care insurance cost to the healthy to make it less cost to the unhealthy.  And among the more basic things this is devoid of improvements in Patient-Doctor effectiveness or caring, and it completely ignores the foundations of good health (prevention).   This is such a mess when there isn't acknowledged in our government leadership (or the public?) a Connection of the Health to food we eat, a healthy earth environment, life styles we choose.   
What about those who need help?  How does freedom and charity co-exist?  Is it best to just Give or to Educate?  These are some of the serious questions to engage in personally, and collectively.
And, beyond all this, with the feathers flying, Congress remains immune?  I really feel sympathy for Congress.  They don't have to contend with problems of retirement systems, social security, medicare or healthcare systems of the working class.  They have their own.  But, they must earn those priviliages.  They must please the giant powerful lobbies who get them elected and line up big favors.  They must find ways to perpetuate legislation that will assure the advancement and supremacy of the legal professions. They must maintain a public image that doesn't get their constituents mad or tarnish themselves publicly.  And they must try to say and do what sounds & looks like sweetness to all ears.  Surely an impossible job!

A following Blog explains how we can "get rid of Congress".

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