Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Then there's the Doctors (in Healthcare Reform)

"Who Will Heal the Healers" is an interview about What's Missing in Health Care Reform, in the November 2009 issue of The Sun Magazine http://www.thesunmagazine.org/issues/407/who_will_heal_the_healers. I must say I did not think of doctors this way. But, as I began reading, it felt familiar to me... and right to me. Please take 10 minutes to read it.

Of course it prompts the question, Who is really harmed by our broken and contradictory system of staying healthy versus treatment for illness? Obviously, many individuals- patients and doctors. But, maybe, profoundly, us all............ except for an industry et al (married to our government reps) that profits from it all, saying it EMPLOYS people. But, which may not be good enough here and now.

Diet, Lifestyle and Environment... a direct link to health. For example, junk food, fast food, tobacco, alcohol, fake food, sweet food, fat food, food with colors, additives, hormones, genetic alterations, pesticides, herbicides, bad water quality, bad air quality, sedentary life, denial. On the other end of the cigarette is obesity, addiction, cancers, stress, heart and artery disease, to name some.

At the very front-end of our Health Care is need (getting sick). Isn't it obvious the causes are around diet, lifestyle and environment. Yet, this has not been in the HC Reform debate. WOW!!!!!

The very next and second-most important step in Health Care is patient-doctor event. This critical event has also not been in the HC Reform debate. (except in the cardboard rhetoric... the pretense of caring, but background of rules that say "WE (Insurance + Government) DETERMINE WHAT YOU CAN DO (thru economic coersion)... WE WILL CONTROL"

Please read the interview in The Sun.
.......... and be skeptical of what your representatives are doing to us!

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