Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alternative Health Care - WORKS!

Alternative Health Care is Legitimate Quality Health Care.  And it works!!  More humane, costs less, not necessarily faster, takes more patient participation, makes one less dependent, many more lasting cures, many other benefits. Let's integrate!

Alternative health care is far far far far far less cost.  It often does far less harm.  Some examples are:  Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Vitamin Therapy, Nutrition, Visual Imaging, Hypnosis, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy and other manual therapies, Pilates, Prayer, Chiropractic, Shaminism, etc..  Dr. Andrew Weil has written extensively on this topic and is worth reading.  One of his early books Spontaneous Healing covers this.

But, it means most Americans have to participate in their care and learn new and fundamental truths.  It means beginning to look at health as a whole, connected to the health of the world.   It includes the whole of our body-mind-spirit.  It includes the environment the body is in and the food that fuels and grows and repairs the body.

This tack to health care does not exclude Allopathic medicine.  It simply uses it only when it makes sense to do so.  This tack is older and wiser than our conventional 'hotshot' Allopathic medicine which tries (politically and as a business) unsuccessfully to be all things to all people.  And it has been coercing and forcing it's will as a business force.  It has been deceiving and brainwashing us to believe it alone is a credible.

And although there are many awe-sum scientific breakthroughs, there have also been errors and mistakes.   For most of us there has been equally awe-sum price to pay for medical advances.  The cost is not only measured in dollars or percent of income.   The cost to us is in erosion of humane treatment, lack of access, adverse reactions, lack of care, suffering, humiliation, lack of self-determination and real choice, bewilderment with cost complexities, stress in dealing with one's illness, stress with insurance refusals and requirements, stress in dealing with the system, no patient advocate.

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