Monday, January 11, 2010

A Congressional Draft

Get to the cause:

Congressional Draft is a new concept where citizens are called upon to serve in the legislative branch of government.  If confirmed they would serve their country for 2 or 3 years as a representative Of The People.  This would function similar to our system of jury duty.  Draftees would be paid adequately.  They would be covered by reasonable public benefits.  They would go through a brief training prior to serving. 

The PROS:  direct citizen involvement in our government, enhance citizen education and vitality, less chance of war, less tolerance for corruption or ineptitude, no campaigns, no more prima donas who are immune from their own legislation, little or no more big business influences and coercion, no more career self-centered motivation, less legislation, fewer lucrative government retirement packages, much less government expense, etc. etc. etc..  There would be a shift away from the legislation approach to solving all problems.  The People's dependence on government would lessen.  A return of a more free market system would be enhanced.  Save our Democracy from historical fate.

The CONS:  citizen sacrifice to serve, it will be an arduous and dirty fight by our existing, self centered legislative branch of government. 

Some PROBLEMS to solve:  Develop the idea and engage the public.  Likely basic shift away from legislative approach to all problems.  Who would have the leadership and energy and power and vision and knowledge and integrity and funding to spearhead this effort? (I would volunteer, but I may be missing a few requirements.)

No matter how you feel... tell it...  start a dialogue!

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