Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Solving Health Care Reform-- 5 Questions

1. How do we go about reforming an out-of-control and extravagantly expensive system of medicines and treatments and practices and insurance controls and influences-- one in which supposed benefactors (who must pay) have no control or understanding of costs? Could our problems be rooted in our tampering and other interference with an intelligent and free market?

2. Can we accommodate the three parts of A.) payers/patients who are sufferers of our broke system, as well as B.) the organizations who administer, influence, and C.) those who actually provide health care?

3. From a business perspective, is it possible to affect the prey without harming the profiting predator or organization? And shall we protect business- big business, e.g. insurance, and medical conglomerations formed in response to insurance at the expense of small medical practitioners and related businesses? And, shall we continue to suppress the Alternative Healthcare industry- much less expensive, many older methods and practices, by allowing the insurance industry and government (Medicare) to prevail by artificial domination- the way they manipulate & coerce the medical industry? And shall we allow insurance and government (by their coercion to providers) to drive up costs for those who choose not to buy insurance (due to little or no coverage for their own choices of health care)?

4. From a private perspective, are the Employees of Profiting Predators or Organizations of an ill-conceived system entitled to protection paid for by the sufferers?

5. Is it acknowledged that the Sufferers and Employees (who are also sufferers) of Profiting Predators/Organizations are human, but Organizations are not? Isn't it apparent that we all have varying proportion of greed and generosity, and so are not without blame? But, as individuals don't we have rights and freedom guaranteed that corporations and governments do not?

Hence, even when organizations employ citizens it imbues them not with rights and freedoms of the citizen. Within those rights of the citizen is an equal opportunity to work and to be employed. It is not a right, however, to have a job. Employment must come from the individual's qualifications, skills, energy and labor. Hence, it is not a right of an organization to make earnings or profits by reason of sustaining employment of the citizens. Employment of people is a byproduct of a fulfilled market driven need and no other reason.

Our major effort must provide, without compromise, for the private citizen- the sufferer in an effort to allow true market needs to be fulfilled, with a free and intelligent market to wield it's controls and incentives. It's about people- suffering citizens, responding to their own needs directly with their choices and their pocketbooks. It's about a market that responds to that, correcting itself!

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  1. Reading "Who Will Heal the Healers" an interview about What's Missing in HC Reform, in the Nov 2009 issue of The Sun Magazine (URL below) I must say I did not think of doctors this way. But, as I began reading it felt familiar to me... and right to me. Please take 10 minutes to read it.

    Of course it prompts the question, Who is really harmed by our broken and contradictory system of staying healthy versus treatment for illness. Obviously, many individuals- patients and doctors. But, maybe, profoundly, us all.

    Diet and lifestyle and environment have a direct link to health. For example, junk food, fast food, tobacco, alcohol, fake food, sweet food, fat food, food with colors, additives, hormones, genetic alterations, pesticides, herbicides, bad water quality, bad air quality, sedentary life, denial. On the other end of the cigarette is obesity, addiction, cancers, stress, heart and artery disease, to name some.

    At the very front-end of our Health Care is need (getting sick). Isn't it obvious the causes are around diet and lifestyle and environment. Yet, this has not been in the HC Reform debate.

    The very next and second-most important step in Health Care is patient-doctor event. This critical event has also not been in the HC Reform debate.

    Please read the interview in The Sun.