Friday, March 12, 2010

7 Requirements to Pass Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform must...

1.  Be FAIR and equitable to all (no mandatory or punishments) and yet provide a safety net to those in trouble.
2.  Apply to ALL Citizens, including all government.
3.  Nnot favor big business or any special benefactor interest.
4.  Honor the patient first and push toward non-assembly line medicine.
5.  Allow complete choice of all citizens to have their lifestyles and care for their own health.
6.  Not interfere with consequences of imprudent lifestyle or unsatisfactory choices or lack of personal responsibility.
7.  Have a short implementation and not be mired down w rules.

ps, 'Dyck's 5 Steps to HCR
maybe not polished, but it fits these criteria.

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  1. these are basic requirements everyone should follow.thanks for giving valuable time.

  2. Thank you for commenting. Being 'open' is not easy for most, myself included. Yet, it seems to be the only way I'll ever get out of my cage of limitations.